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Trusted Partner with Private Company Experience since 1936


Personal Engagement

Strategic and Financial Buyers in USA, Europe & Asia

Trusted Partner in a

Complex Process


se2quel is a strategic advisory group that provides M&A and corporate development services designed to achieve optimal valuation and strategic results

se2quel delivers a combination of high-level expertise and tactical execution gained from decades of experience serving C-level management teams

Our global team members cover engagements in North America, Europe and Asia

M&A Market Segments

se2quel Methodology:

Our engagements initially require face-to-face meetings with owners or top executives.

Our hands-on five-step methodology:

 1. Determine the company’s place in its addressable market, competitive landscape and customer's value chain.

2. Establish valuation ranges, including situational value to specific acquirers. 

3. Discuss, develop and implement strategies that fit the seller’s goals. This may include strategic, IP, legal and tax advice.

 4. Introduce high-value prospective acquirers.

 5. Manage all phases and aspects of the resulting transaction.

Selected Transactions

Founders wanted to retire after 24 year.

Distribution business; USA

From $1M to world market leader

Technology; Europe

CEO & Co-Founder passes away unexpectedly

Media technology; USA

Multiple previous exit attempts failed  because target valuation was not achieved

Technology; Europe

200-year-old company in family hands and required to exit

Industrial, Europe

3-way global transaction with over 60 entities

Technology, USA


Landscape, USA

Investor exit

Health club chain, USA


Equipment rental, USA

Silicon Valley technology company to U.S. fortune buyer


Swiss technology company to undisclosed fortune buyer


Multistage Investment imobility, Europe

Above company transaction range from $250k to $650M



What size companies do you sell?

What size companies do you sell?

We sell companies above $1,000,000 in annual revenues

Does se2quel offer different services depending on company size?

Does se2quel offer different services depending on company size?

  • We customize our service offerings depending on your situation, market and size.

    • The range of our service offerings are second to none in the industry.

    • We will dedicate domain and regional experts to your project.

      • This will include at a minimum a senior transaction lead and 1 or 2 support staff.

      • It may include strategic, intellectual property, tax strategy, legal and other advisors.

How much does it cost to sell my company?

How much does it cost to sell my company?

  • Typical expenses for the selling process are as follows:

    • Upfront engagement fee

    • Transaction fee payable at close of transaction

    • Legal fees

    • Possibly travel expenses

  • Certain sellers may wish to invest in

    • Consulting to better prepare for an exit

    • Tax structuring advisors that can help save money

  • Bridge financing may be available

Do I have to pay for the initial discussions and valuation estimates?

Do I have to pay for the initial discussions and valuation estimates?

  • NO!

  • The initial phone discussions and even first meetings between you and our senior team members are how you and se2quel determines whether we are a good fit.

Which countries does se2quel serve?

Which countries does se2quel serve?

  • While se2quel operates globally, our M&A service offerings are as following:

    • Small transactions of <$2M company revenue: USA only

    • Most other transactions:

      • USA, Europe, Japan

      • We also have experience and team members for Korea, China and Australia

What about confidentiality?

What about confidentiality?

  • Very early in the process, we will sign a Non-     Disclosure Agreement with our clients.

  • Every communication outside of the client’s core team members will need to be approved by the client.

  • All external discussions are approved by the client.

  • We are also very experienced with Intellectual Property based transactions.

  • Our buyer target list is generally very focused. Every buyer on the list will be approved by our client before we communicate. If there is interest from a target, an NDA is put in place with this target very early in the process.

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