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Strategy & Implementation


se2quel’s strengths start where many consulting companies end. We help to invent, develop and implement new futures for our global clients. Often the goal is to achieve market leadership, unlock a stagnant business or evolve a traditional business into the digital world. Our team frequently completes projects where others have failed before.

Common Thread

Clients value se2quel's first principle approach to solve difficult internal or complex global eco-system challenges since the 1980's.

We create highly differentiated, ethically clean advantages that change the market

rules in favor of our clients
Long-term relations with our clients
A strong link between corporate strategy and intellectual property
We take advantage of our intense global work experience and network


se2quel Partners, LLC is proud to serve clients around the world. We provide the solutions and support that you need to make your goals a reality. We look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways to solve existing and future challenges.
Our work is confidential. Any technology or solution developed is owned by our clients.

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Fortune Companies

Fortune Companies from US, Europe, and Japan work with us to accomplish critical missions, significant course corrections, and strategic investments. We achieve results where other consultancies and industry service providers have failed.

Project sizes executed to date range from $100,000 to $250,000,000.

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Mid-Size Companies

Our mid-size clients are often family or privately owned and are in need of global experts, want to embrace market leadership strategies as used in Silicon Valley or need assistance to architect and implement a new future.

Clients may be stuck, have a new generation coming into leadership or want to expand into new regions or markets.


Sometimes a very traditional & conservative company wants to explore how it can leverage Silicon Valley tools without losing its history, identity or cultural cornerstones.

Sometimes a CEO wants to become a global market leader in new business and needs a complete strategy, team, product, engineering, sale or marketing to implement it.


Our senior management team has extensive European, US, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, and South American expertise and we therefore often help our clients to launch new international markets. 

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Small Enterprises and Startups

Sometimes when a team or technology of a startup company intrigues us, we may engage with smaller companies. We enjoy helping young entrepreneurs with big hearts and passion.

Selected Projects

A Fortune client needed help in a new business division that had significant losses for many years. se2quel's staff developed and implemented the new plan. The division achieved the #2 world market share in 4 years. One of the client's new products achieved close to 100% global market share in the years following.

A private, mid-size client was concerned about aggressive and hostile international competitors. It needed a globalization and global leadership plan. se2quel's staff developed a strategic plan that included market & product strategies, a battle plan, a communications plan, and the implementation pathway.

Market and Technology Leadership Development

Innovation, IP & Course Corrections

A mid-size global player was stuck. The client had tried by themselves and with other consultants to develop a leadership strategy without success. se2quel's staff developed a new market, new IP and related products that the largest customers are embracing as the new leading solution. 

Fortune client CEO asked se2quel for broad help with a privately held mid-size vendor. We helped the 200-year-old industrial company in a complete reconstruction. The company became a global market leader in several business segments and the value increased by 6x during se2quel's engagement and doubled afterward again.

A US Fortune client needed an emergency product development in 7 months from concept to fully functioning prototype; followed by 5 additional production systems.


A mid-size European client needed a completely outsourced new product development from market research to product specifications, concept systems and multiple beta systems with complete manufacturing documentation.


A small US client needed experienced supervision and guidance in development of the next generation equipment series.


Global Business Growth Support

A mid-size client needed to significantly increase its global revenue. se2quel staff enabled 10x growth in about 5 years through broad involvement in sales, IP & product development and corporate strategy.

A mid-size client needed to enter the Middle East and South America market. se2quel provided local and corporate leadership in sales, corporate management, and technology for about 4 years reaching a world #2 market share

A smaller client needed broad growth support. The engagement lasted 9 years and the client sold the company with se2quel's help at 30x the original valuation.

In our over 80 year history, we helped our clients and friends to overcome significant challenges. We built bridges in situations where there was "no solution" available.

Creating Brand Awareness, Product Education & Demand with Customers

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