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       WHAT WE DO

Our European family business heritage dates back to 1936 and we know what it takes to run successful businesses in sometimes very challenging markets and world environments. Today, we use that experience to help our clients become leaders in their market segments.


Sequel, together with our clients, help to develop strategies, implement them locally and globally. The common thread in our work is innovative and creative solutions that often can be patent protected or offer a new market solution with paradigm shifting capabilities. Sometimes our work is focused on supporting a major course correction or the preparation of an exit.


Sequel’s experts cover the segments of technology, industrial, equipment, semiconductor, mobility, energy, natural resources, food, beverage, and retail markets.


Our clients include global Fortune companies, mid-size private and public companies, as well as small-size companies and startups in US, Europe, Japan, and China. 


We have executed projects in many countries around the world including Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Dubai, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, and Vietnam.


We are proud to have one of the most impactful global teams in the corporate development space.

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